Mt. Takao, Odaiba BBQ, Flight Demonstration

August 2007

We had another trip with the language course this month. We went to mount Takao, which is a small hill close to tokyo.

Group photo in front of the cable car station

climbing our way up along the river, the hot august sun shining through the forest...

with a nice view from the top... where there should be a Mt. Fuji somewhere...

On the way back, we passed the temple complex, with these remarkable, colorful woodcarvings (more or less chinese style like you can see in Nikko as well, but not very common in japan)

and this statue of a long-nosed, winged man in a skirt...

and a lot of inari (fox diety of harvest) statues.

When I went for a BBQ with friends at odaiba (artificial island in tokyo), I took these pictures around sunset.

The metropolitan government building, when I showed it to Johannes, an intenship student who just joined our lab.

Some television station wanted to make some recording of our laboratories UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for a tv program about robotics, so Kubo-san prepared a demonstration flight

antenna (left) and screen to receive and view the video-images of the on-board camera.