Here you find a set of photos that don't really belong together, but I wanted to show you anyway.

The weekend before the final test of my japanese language course, I wanted to get some fresh air, so I went to the Shinjuku Ko-en (Ko-en = park). It was nice, but not spectacular. Actually this building was the only thing interresting enough to show you...

Many pictures of the japanese course completion ceremony and party are in a separate gallery, but here I want to show a small selection.

getting my diploma

My diploma

7 of our teachers in the front (and side) and me and 7 classmates in the back.

At the party there was quite some very nice food.

At the party there were 3 speeches (in japanese) by students from different classes. This is Yassir-san, from my class, who remembered the whole speech by heart. Impressive!

Yassir-san, Tahir-san, Kikuchi-sensei and watashi. (-san = politeness form, -sensei = teacher, watashi = I/me)

As in our rooms there are only TL-lights, which give a lot of light, I liked to get some more cozy lighting. I had the idea of a flightbulb in a piece of bamboo, but did not find any. I went to "Tokyu Hands" (yes, the u is supposed to be there) which has the sub-name "creative life store" and is a mixture between a department store and a do-it-yourself store. It is the store (chain of stores) I like best for shopping around here. I bought the bamboo (varnished), a wire with switch and plug, fitting and lightbulb and did the rest with a little help of Kubo-san in the laboratory workshop.

It works really well. It is not getting too hot, but it is only 40W, so it doesn't give a lot of light. Enough to read a book, to walk throught the room without falling over things and definately not enough to see all the dust :-)