Wedding (+preparations)

12 October 2009

Again, two of my friends here got married. This thime I prepared the wedding cakes together with Tobi, Mae-Rose and Hasegawa-san. Except baking the actual cakes, we had to practice a lot, to see whether our ideas were actually realizable. I guess we all gained weight in that period ;-)

What? A broccoli cake?! ... Everybody thought I was crazy, but when they saw it, they agreed it was perfect!

The goal was to build the "castle in the sky" from Hayao Miyazaki's famous Japanese animation film. We were totally free to decide on the type of cake, ingredients, design etc. The only thing we were told, as a kind of joke I suppose, was "Rapyuta" (the name of the robot in that movie).

Teahouse in the Kyosumi garden

Top: Broccoli
- Green tea cake
- Spice-cake (cinamon, cloves, ginger etc.)
- Pineapple-Mango pie
Bottom: Grapefruit-Orange jelly ("Kanten" with a LED-lit ice cube as "magic gemstone")

Additionally we made a triple-chocolate-mousse cake, an Engadiner nut-pie, chocolats, macrons, and hart-shaped "kanten" jelly with preserved(salted) cherry blossoms (supposedly a very appropriate thing for a Japanese wedding). (Kanten is a kind of gelatine from algae.)

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