24 June 2007

With some people from my japanese language course I went to Yokohama. I had been there 3 years ago with the ICAS conference, and also once last year, but I thought it would be nice to go together, so I joined them. (Unfortunately it turned out to be a rainy day, but we still had fun)

From the Osanbashi pier you can have a nice view of Minato Mirai (the newly developed shopping area in Yokohama)

From my visit 3 years ago I remembered these curved escalators (I passed through this building every day from the station to the conference room), so I showed it to the others as it is next to the Landmark tower (where we wanted to go) anyway.

Because ot the rainy weather, the view was not that spectacular, but it is still the highest building in Japan...

... and has the fastest elevator in the world! According to my old travel guide that is, one of the others said somewhere else in asia (Thailand/Korea?) recently a new building opened that is said to have the fastest elevator in the world...

Finally we went to Shin-Yokohama to have dinner in the Ramen museum. The two basement floors look like an old style japanese village and there are 8 little shops offering traditional noodle soup dishes from various places all over japan.