Graduation ceremony

24 March 2010

After one year as a research student and 3 years as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Tokyo, I received my Ph.D. degree in March 2010. The title of my thesis is "Analysis of Visual Cues for Human Pilot Control in the Final Approach and Landing", and you can find the pdf version under the "Publications" menu on the left.
A ceremony was held for all Master and Doctor course graduates on march 24th.

Professor Rinoie handed out the diplomas for all Aeronautics & Astronautics students. For me, he took the effort of reading out loud the English version as well!

The official diploma in Japanese and the English transcript

After all diplomas had been handed out, all students gave a short personal speech

In the laboratory, Professor Suzuki had prepared champagne to celebrate the graduation of our lab's 3 PhDs and 5 Masters.

Some people had rented a gown, and one of my friends let me wear his for a short photoshoot

My proud family, who happened to be in the country for their holidays anyway ;-)

A few days later, me and my family celebrated together with Mae Rose and her family and friends in the tea house of Hama Rikyu gardens in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, it was still a few days early to see the nice cherry blossoms of the garden.

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