In Japan there are many comic drawings in daily life. You will find all kinds of signs and warnings drawn as comic picdtures. I selected some from the instructions on our laundry machine, the manual of my oven and some I found in a playground/park. Often things are given a personality to express their "feeling" about a users action. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, just look at the pictures.

Our laundry machine is scared by boys who put their hands inside. He/she also doesn't like to work hard (clean a lot of shirts at once).

Our laundry machine has great difficulty carrying heavy weights and fears children who put their hands underneath very very much.

Our laundry machine really dislikes water being poured over him/her, it makes him/her feel very sad...

My electrical outlet does not allow me to (un)plug with wet hands.

My oven is getting a little nervous when I put the wire on top. He/she doesn't like me to use a screwdriver to remove some screws and things.

My oven suffers from a fear to be abandonned

The shed wil cry if you write on it. Fires do not like to live and girls will get angry if they see a fire. Trees will be very sad when twigs are broken.