Miyako-jima (Okinawa)

23/24 November 2007

The second day we took the plane to Miyako-jima. Okinawa is famous for diving and I had never dived before, so when planning the trip I asked the 2 licenced divers from our lab who would join the experiment (and travel) whether we could go diving. So I ended up in a wetsuit...

We saw a lot of coral, sea anemone and lots of colourful fish, but we had no underwater camera so sorry, no pictures of all that.

Together with Naruoka, who also never dived before (it was 2 against 2: we like to climb mountains - they like to dive) I got some instruction (in simple japanese, body language and with the help or Naruoka translating). They were continuously warning us about the heavy air tank (total gear was about 13kg) but my backpack on this travel was heavier and Naruoka is also quite used to carry over 20kg up the mountains...

The four of us and the diving teachers on the sides.

After diving we had some fun jumping from a bridge

And floating really relaxed due to the extra boyancy of the wetsuit

After diving we toured around the island in a rented car

On the way to dinner we passed some building of the military where I found this logo... I think it gives a bit a wrong impression to their enemies, but lets just say the japanese like "cute".