Hiking - Bou-no-mine

October 14th, 2006

This was probably the best hike so far here in Japan. Not only because the weather was perfect for hiking (a bit clouded, no rain, 20degC), but also because the trail is adventurous and the view from the top was great! The only bad point... those damn stairs again. I did not see any hike here without some stairs, mostly for quite a long time, the steps too high and washed out...

From Hannou (Saitama) we took a bus to Sawarabi-no-yu, where a small shop sold food and souvenirs. When discovering the fresh baked bread, Tobi and Mae Rose couldnt resist and bought one with raisins and one with nuts. They were still very hot, but tasted really delicious. All the hike we were hoping that the shop would still be open and have bread left when we would come back. In that case we would probably have bought 2 breads each... Unfortunately it appeared to have closed at 15:00 and we arrived at 17:00 or so.

The hiking trail started at the lake...

at this little sculpture to be precise

We had to cross the river quite often. The slippery stones made it a bit of a challenge sometimes. Altough none of us has fallen in the water, we did see a Japanese man slip and fall, but luckily it wasnt really bad.

The valley we walked in contained many small waterfalls and a few bigger ones. However, they were not specially named or honoured like the Kuroyama santaki. Actually, now I think of it, this may have been the first hike without a (small) temple or shrine in the route... This is pretty exceptional here in Japan...

Nice "schlucht" in the valley. "Schlucht" is the german word for a very narrow opening between high rocks where water flows through.

Tobi & Mae Rose on their way up, the water on its way down...

Hi! Hi! Hello! We are here! Mama can you see us?

360+deg view from the top of Bou-no-mine

Detail of the view

Back in the valley