Cherry Charlotte

with chocolate cake and almond paste

150g sugar mix mix mix flour through bit by bit put in greased cake tin and bake 45min at 200C let cool down and cut thin slices place slices overlapping along sides and bottom of a 1L bowl sprinkle over cake put filling in cake covered bowl cover with cake put in fridge for 3 hours serve with powdered sugar
3 eggs
150g butter cut in pieces
150g flour mix
3tbs cacao
baking powder
kirsch (or crème de cassis)
125g butter mix thoroughly mix through put in fridge for 10 min mix carefully
125g powdered sugar
125g almond paste
125ml whipping cream whip half thick
1 jar cherries on syrup (ca 400g) drain
5tbs kirsch (or crème de cassis)
Copyright Jorg Entzinger 2005